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Here at Arizona Sommers Cooling and Heating, we’re always looking for new ways to use air conditioning and heating to help our clients throughout Kingman, AZ stay comfortable and happy. This month, we are offering a great deal: $50 off any duct seal. This is an exciting opportunity because duct seals are great for reducing the air lost from the duct work to the attic. They also reduce the amount of air that leaks into the home from the attic. They make your heating and cooling systems much more effective!

Our clients often ask us, “Should I close the vents in the rooms I’m not using?” The answer, in short, is no. All supply vents should remain open, whether you are using that particular room or not. We also recommend keeping bedroom doors open. It actually has a big impact on the effectiveness of your system. Why? Because doing these things helps keep temperatures consistent from room to room throughout your entire home. Air conditioning and heating units are designed to move air throughout the home. When we reduce airflow by closing vents and shutting doors, this creates more static pressure in the duct work. Static pressure in the duct work in turn creates strain and reduces the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. It can reduce your system’s longevity as well.

To keep your heating and cooling system as comfortable as it keeps you, we recommend installing a return air duct and filter in every room of your house. This will effectively remove unwanted heat from the space. Take advantage our great offer of $50 off duct seals today and remember to keep your doors and vents open. It will keep your system in better shape and help it to last even longer. You’ll be shocked by what a difference it makes!

And don’t forget that if you’re ever in a pickle with your air conditioning and heating, Arizona Sommers Cooling and Heating will be happy to come by and help. We pride ourselves on offering quick emergency repair and friendly, professional service. We are the local heating and cooling experts of Kingman, AZ.

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Kingman’s Best Air Conditioning and Heating Deals
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Kingman’s Best Air Conditioning and Heating Deals
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