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Heating and cooling is a necessity in Kingman, AZ. While our winters may be milder than other states, a broken furnace can still cause an evening to be ruined. Your furnace should be working correctly year round, and it can be frustrating when you spend a whole day trying to figure out what went wrong with your HVAC unit. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do at home before calling professionals for furnace repair.

If your furnace is blowing cool air during the winter, that’s a sign that few different things could be going wrong. First off, check to make sure that your thermostat is turned to the heat setting. The fan should be set to auto. If your thermostat is set correctly, check your air filter. If the air filter is clogged, your heat will turn off to prevent overheating or a fire. Try changing your air filter to a brand new one. This can also help prevent a blockage from happening, which makes your air blow weaker.

When a furnace is blowing weak, it could be a sign that something is wrong with your air ducts. If a switched air filter doesn’t repair the air pressure, you’ll need to call a professional out for furnace repair to check your ducts. Blocked or torn air ducts prevent your furnace from heating and cooling the house effectively.

Finally, your thermostat itself could be faulty. If nothing you do is helping your heat to work, then something in the thermostat wiring could be wrong. Check the most obvious issues like the switches, but if nothing happens, it is time to call out a professional.

Living in Kingman, AZ doesn’t mean that you can get away with foregoing maintenance on your furnace. Calling in a professional to keep up with your furnace repair and maintenance could save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Not keeping up with maintenance could void your warranty on your unit, and it could cause a breakdown to happen. Having a professional out to look at your furnace could decrease your energy costs as well by preventing the build up of dust and dirt. Maintaining the integrity of your furnace is important, and it can help you all year round with the heating and cooling of your home.

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Keep Your Heating and Cooling Unit Working By Avoiding These Problems
Article Name
Keep Your Heating and Cooling Unit Working By Avoiding These Problems
Keep the heating and cooling in your home working all year round. Leave your maintenance and repair to professionals to keep the heating and cooling working efficiently.